Now offering mini nutrition coaching sessions!

Learn more and schedule your session today

I’m very excited to be offering a new way to connect with me for nutrition coaching.

Just as a refresher (or possibly an intro), I’m Bethany Motley, and I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist, based out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I work with clients from all over, helping them improve their relationship with food and their body!

This includes:

  • Intuitive Eating teaching and support
  • Eating disorder treatment and recovery
  • Help with digestive woes
  • Getting out of the endless dieting cycle
  • Body image work
  • …and much much more!

My approach to nutrition is unique; I like to tell people that I’m not your average nutritionist. I don’t make you count calories, check your weight weekly (or really ever!), and I won’t put you on a diet. I meet my clients right where they’re at, so they can experience true peace with food.

While this may sound AMAZING, it will most certainly take some time.

It also might be a very challenging process, with a lot of emotional ups and downs.

This is why I don’t want you to have to go it alone!

Through nutrition coaching and counseling, you get the ongoing support you need, and the chance to ask lots of questions and be provided with tools and a strategy.

By trying out one of my mini coaching sessions, you’ll get a taste of how I work and if we’d be a good fit, prior to committing long-term.

Ready to get started?

Still need to hear more?

Here’s how it works…

  1. Schedule a 30 minute timeslot that works for you

2. Pay the $35 session fee – if you decide to sign-up for a coaching package after our session, this fee will act as a deposit towards the cost of the coaching package!

3. Bring your top nutrition goals and concerns to our session together – all sessions are virtual, so no need to leave your home — or change out of your jammies!

4. Ask all your burning questions (or at least as many as can fit into 30 minutes)

5. We will both decide if we thinking a long-term nutrition coaching relationship is a good fit for us

6a. Move forward with the plan we created in our mini session OR

6b. Embark on your journey with me at your side to a new and improved relationship with food!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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