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Nutrition Counseling for:

Eating Disorders
Sports Nutrition

Nutrition strategy for high-school, collegiate, professional, elite and everyday athletes.

Celiac Disease

Help with gluten-free eating for those with a recent or long-time celiac disease diagnosis.

Other Services

Intuitive Eating Coaching
Meal Support

Virtual support during meals and snacks for anyone working on eating disorder recovery.


Public speaking requests, community education, and business mentorship.

Imagine having…
  • A balanced, peaceful relationship with food
  • Freedom from diets
  • Decreased food obsession
  • A gentle, flexible framework to guide your eating
  • …more time for the important things in life!
Change is possible

What would your life be like if you had a healthy, confident relationship with food?

My Mission

To empower you to feel your best, be confident in your body and food choices, all without rules or restriction.

About BethanyRD Nutrition

Founded in 2020 by Bethany Motley, a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for helping others recover from an eating disorder and improve their relationship with food

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