The Story Behind BethanyRD Nutrition

I’m Bethany Motley, registered dietitian nutritionist and I’m so glad you found my website! I live with my husband and 3 kids (and several chickens) in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

My path to nutrition began with a rocky start. What started as a fad diet and an innocent interest in nutrition slowly turned into an eating disorder. But thankfully, I received help. Thanks to supportive family, and a wonderful treatment team, I was able to make a full recovery.⠀

Through my own recovery journey, I was inspired to help others in the same way that I was helped.

I decided to become a registered dietitian. I attended North Dakota State University, graduated with my degree in dietetics, and officially became a registered dietitian nutritionist in 2013.

It took me many years to talk about my eating disorder, but now I’m sharing my story, and actively helping others.

I have a passion for helping women who are struggling with food, disordered eating & body image, especially for athletes, and those with added dietary restrictions. If any (or all of this!) describes you, know you are in the right place!

So what are you struggling with today?

  • Never-ending food rules and guilt?
  • An eating disorder?
  • Feeling like you’re not “sick enough” or “not skinny enough” to get help?
  • Digestive issues, like bloating and discomfort?
  • A new (and overwhelming) diagnosis of a food allergy or celiac disease?
  • Confusion around what and how much to eat to fuel your workouts and competitions?

You don’t have to stay stuck. You CAN achieve food freedom, and eat in way that makes you feel your best.